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We're finally open! (4).png


It's only taken us 9 months to get here but WE'RE FINALLY HAVING A GRAND OPENING!  No no, we did not decide to start selling gigantic neon kayaks; however, someone did decide that GIVING THEM AWAY would be  a good idea to celebrate our opening!  What a weird idea!  Kayaks in the summer make sense and are useful, but kayaks in the winter? It'll make a good Christmas present (or so we are telling ourselves).  Ok ok, this event was supposed to happen in the Spring but we've been a little busy so don't judge us!  

Kayaks aside, we have MANY other awesome prizes and services that we will be raffling off on December 7th at 7PM and if you're really lucky, you could be finding yourself floating down a frozen Provo river very soon.  Or wait until it thaws, you choose! 


There will also be a grand opening ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce, office tours, free retinal imaging and sweet treats of course! 

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We're finally open! (2).png


(Pick one, or, if you really love kayaks, pick them all)

  • Get 1 ticket for completing an eye exam.

  • Get 1 ticket for every $50 spent in the optical including glasses, contact lenses, vitamins and other accessories.

  • Get TWO tickets when you refer a friend or family member!  Just have them write your name on the "How did you hear about us?" line on the intake form! 

  • Get 1 ticket for attending the ribbon cutting or open house event on December 7th!

THE BEST PART:  if you have ALREADY COMPLETED an eye exam or ALREADY PURCHASED glasses or contacts or ALREADY referred someone who wrote your name down at any point during the year 2022 then RETURN TO PICK UP YOUR TICKETS and put them into the drawing

We're finally open! (2).png
We're finally open! (2).png
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