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Premium Eyewear and Eyecare

Improving and Protecting Your Vision

A brand-new office with a focus on you!

Convenient, comfortable, family-friendly eye care. 

Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated optometry clinic with a focus on providing the best eyecare possible through the use of modern technology and quality products in a clean, comfortable and friendly environment.  

To learn more about our office, our team members or the Cook family click here.  

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What We Do

We perform comprehensive annual eye examinations for glasses and contact lenses.  We also do medical eye exams to diagnose, treat and manage eye disease as well as work with primary care doctors in monitoring and managing systemic conditions that manifest in the eye such as diabetes. 

To learn more about our services or specific medical conditions click here.  


We accept many insurances and are able to see people of all ages from children to elderly patients and everyone in between.

To see a complete list of all our accepted insurances click here.  

Private pay exams are $89 with additional charges for a contact lens fitting and/or retinal imaging.  

Who We Serve

Eyemed is an accepted vision care plan at Cook Family Eyecare in Orem Utah
VSP Vision Care for Life is among the most popular eye care vision insurances at Cook Family Eyecare in Orem Utah.  We are among the doctors offices in Utah County that accept this insurance.  We are a preferred premier provider for VSP.  Set an appointment with Cook Family Eyecare today and use your benefits.  Dr. Cook has worked at Target Optical and Costco.
Cigna vision eye insurance plan is accepted at Cook Family Eyecare in Orem Utah.
United Healthcare, Spectera are among the vision insurances that are accpeted at Cook Family Eyecare in the Orem Utah Crosspointe shopping center next to Swig and Kid's Village.
Davis vision is one of the eye insurance plans accpeted at Cook Family Eyecare in Orem Utah.
Superior Vision insurance plans are accepted at Cook Family Eyecare in Orem Utah.

and more . . .

Cook Family Eyecare in Orem UT is the newest optometry practice in Utah County serving the surrounding areas including Orem, Provo, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, Vineyard, Cedar Hills, Highland and more.  This is the Cook Family Eyecare logo which represents traditional eyecare combined with a modern flare.   It is a neon light placed on a grassy green wall.

Your family-friendly
eye doctor. 

Industry-leading technology

Modern equipment to protect and preserve your vision.

The Eidon Retinal Camera is brand new technology that captures detailed images of the retina and optic nerve reducing the need for dilation with some optometry patients.  Dr. Jeff Cook strongly believes in offering the best equipment to serve patients in the Orem, Provo, Lindon, PG, Vineyard areas.
OCT retinal screening is an important tool for catching subtle ocular eye diseases that would otherwise be missed.  The Topcon Maestro 2 is top of the line optometric equipment in the industry of eyecare and is a trusted tool for many eye doctors.  Cook Family Eyecare in Orem, UT at 574 W 1600 N proudly offers this technology in our practice for patients.
Digital phoropters are a great way to get accurate prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses.  Cook Family Eyecare in Orem Utah offers this technology and delights in seeing patients enjoy the smooth process of refraction.
The Icare Tonometer is new technology and replaces the traditional air puff NCT test that is so feared by so many patients.  This new instrument gets close to your eyes and feels like it is touching your eyelashes as it lightly taps your cornea tissue to check your intraocular pressure.  It will help evaluate your risk for developing glaucoma and help track its progression over time.

"Dr. Cook and his staff were friendly and so helpful! It was my first time at the eye doctor and they made the process stress free. They answered all my questions and helped me get the right glasses and contacts in one visit. The whole process took about and hour and I left feeling much relief."

                                                                                           - Nick B.

Official Essilor Lens Distributor

Not all lenses are created equal.

We offer premium, quality lenses to help you see your best. 

Advanced technology.

Shop Crizal lenses in Orem, UT.   They are part of the Essilor family of antireflective coatings and reduce glare, scratch and are smudge resistant.  Come see your Orem Eye doctor to get a pair of your own.
Essilor logo.png

All your favorite brands at a competitive price.

"Dr. Cook is professional and efficient. Having worked in the eye industry I can say his machines are top notch and provide accurate results. They also have a great selection of frames and sunglasses. I think I found my new eye doctor!"

                                                                                           - Cody E.


We are the Cooks!  With 6 kids and a dog we live the typical crazy family life!  With carpooling to sports practices, cleaning up messes, camping, going on family walks, laughing, crying and everything in-between we stay pretty busy.

I graduated from Southern California College of Optometry in 2013 and then we moved to Bullhead City, AZ for my first job at an ophthalmology practice called "Western Medical Eye Center".  During my years there I had extensive exposure to and became comfortable with any and all medical eye conditions. And let me tell you, they see it all at WME!  The doctors there are great and I was fortunate to have this educational experience.  

In 2016 we moved to Provo, UT and though we do miss all our friends in Arizona we do love it here!  I started working at the Orem Target part time and soon became what I call a "traveling optometrist."  Somehow word caught on that I was available to cover shifts and in 2021 alone I worked in 13 different offices, everything from corporate to private practice.  

With the education and experience I had obtained I decided it was time to venture out on my own and created "Cook Family Eyecare".  Having worked at so many offices made knowing exactly what I wanted to do when it came to practicing (and didn't want to do) really easy.  

I wanted to create a comfortable, transparent, low-pressure environment where people felt heard and felt like they had a friend in the eye world who cared about their eyes.  I genuinely enjoy getting to know each of my patients and helping them see their best and do what I can to help them prevent devastating eye disease through education and monitoring.  

We hope you will give us a chance and come and see us at Cook Family Eyecare in the Crosspointe Shopping Center!

The family of Dr. Jeff Cook at Cook Family Eyecare in Orem Utah.  Jeff Cook joins the ranks of an optometry private practice owner in Utah County serving Orem, Provo, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, Vineyeard and American Fork.  Jeff and Tiffany Cook have 6 kids and are an outdoor family.

Thanks for being here!  We look forward to meeting you!  

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